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Check out what our clients are saying about their child's experience with Pediatric Aquatic Therapy of the Suncoast.

"My husband and I are eternally grateful for the incredible coaching in both swimming and occupational therapy that you gave Keith.. He has done huge improvements in his limited water skills but most importantly, the program has helped him regulating his distracting sensory disorder. He conquered his aquatic fears and gained vast self-confidence and self-regulation" - Keith's family.

" Tina Weger was a a great influence on my son and he achieved goals set in a short time frame. Our son Travis is much different now at 7years old around a pool than he was three years ago at 4 years old. He would be fighting me, clamming on, pulling my suit off, etc. He has gained so much more confidence around the pool, which was one of our goals. He has been initiating swim on his own and continues to swim at least once a week in a pool to keep his skills up. He continues to use skills he met such as the kickboard, and underwater swimming as well as his breathing techniques. Thank you." Donna

" We are so thankful for your program because of the education and patience to work with children who have specific individual needs. During the two week lessons, Josiah learned how to blow bubbles, use different floatation devises, basic safety skills, and gained so much confidence. This program has not only helped Josiah but has also given us the needed information to be able to work with him at home." Debbie